What can Botox do?

Everybody has a muscle in the front part of their chin, this muscle is named the Mentalis. In some people this muscle is very active and makes the chin look rough and bobbly, to make matters worse activity of this muscle can lead to a deep horizontal crease between the lower lip and chin

Also, there is a muscle at the side of the mouth which in some people is very active and makes those people look glum. The picture below demonstrates this very well.

The good news is that both of these situations can be improved by the correct use of Botox.


What can fillers do?

With age often jowling begins to rear its ugly head. This is a common complaint and appears as a dip in the jawline, which means the jawline of the lower jaw is no longer smooth. This is ageing and can be improved by using filler to smooth these dips out thereby giving you a smooth younger looking lower jawline.

Some patients have a deep horizontal crease just between their lower lip and chin. The correct use of a filler can smooth this crease.

In summary, having a lower third of the face  which is bumpy and not smooth is very ageing. The good news is that either Botox and/or fillers can improve your situation and give you a younger appearance.


Jowls and Chins

Patient TD was concerned that her Marionettes were making her look older and sad

Photo taken immediately after treatment with Dermal Filler, TD said “fantastic I look 5 years younger” she was very happy

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