How does Botox / Azzalure work?

Botox and Azzalure both work in the same way. They temporarily relax the muscles by blocking the nerve impulses reaching the muscles. As the nerve impulses are blocked the muscles are temporarily relaxed.  This causes a decrease in muscular activity which in turn reduces the appearance of lines or wrinkles in the injected area. This gives the overlying facial skin a softer, smoother, and more relaxed youthful appearance.


Is Botox / Azzalure treatment safe?

Botox  / Azzalure has an excellent safety record and a long record of use in medicine. It has been used successfully in adults and children for over 20 years. It is now one of the most popular and frequently used cosmetic treatments. This is because Botox / Azzalure works and make a positive difference.


Do the injections hurt?

I use a numbing paste, this helps. What makes a big difference is the fact that unlike most other practitioners I use an ultra-thin needle which is named by the manufacturers as the invisible needle.

The patients that I see that are having Botox / Azzalure for the first time always say to me “I did not realise it was going to be that easy”. The patients who have had Botox / Azzalure elsewhere and have been recommended to me, all say “that was the most comfortable Botox  / Azzalure treatment I have ever had”.


How long does it take for Botox / Azzalure  to start working?

This differs from patient to patient. Some patients start to see their wrinkles softening after 2 days. The full wrinkle reducing effect will be noticed after 10 days.


How Long Do The Effects Last?

It is very important to understand that Botox / Azzalure is not permanent.

It is now known that Botox / Azzalure on average will last for 3 to 4 months. However, this depends on the strength of the activity of the muscles treated, the dose of Botox given and also on the individual patients’ requirements. Some patients very much like the very smooth skin look and therefore their time between visits will be slightly shorter.


What is Baby Botox?

Baby Botox is a marketing term not a scientific term. It implies that you use less Botox but still get a great result. This is just not true. You need to have the correct amount of Botox to achieve the correct result. Diluting the Botox or giving less that is necessary will not achieve a good result.


Can Botox / Azzalure make me look unnatural?

The short answer is no.

Botox / Azzalure relaxes your muscle and therefore reduces your wrinkles it does not and cannot alter your appearance. Fillers done badly or bad plastic surgery can make you look abnormal but not Botox/ Azzalure.

The only comment I would add to this is that if someone giving Botox / Azzalure does not know what they are doing they could make your eyebrows feel heavy or drop your eyelid(s).  I know what I am doing, so I know exactly how to avoid these complications.


At what age should I start having Botox / Azzalure ?

This will depend on what you want to achieve and how active your facial muscles are.

What is not commonly understood is that Botox/ Azzalure, more than any other treatment, has a long term effect of preventing wrinkles. Put simply if you cannot crease up you skin then you will not get wrinkles. So, a 25 year old if he/she routinely had Botox  / Azzalure treatment then by the time they were 60 they would still be wrinkle free. No other treatment or face cream can achieve this.


I have wrinkles which are there all the time even when my facial muscles are not active, will Botox / Azzalure help me?

If you have been creasing up your skin because of your facial activity and you are between age of 25 to 40 then you will probably have some noticeable but not significant lines even on rest. Botox / Azzalure treatment will definitely stop these lines getting worse and will also over the next 6 to 24 months help these lines to soften. If you are older and these lines are deeper when you are relaxed then it will take longer for them to heal. But heal they will.


What areas of the face are commonly treated with Botox / Azzalure?

Frown lines between the eyes, Crow’s feet and forehead lines are the area’s most commonly treated. It can also be used to soften dimpling of the chin. Botox / Azzalure can also be injected into the muscles of the jaw to help reduce pain from tooth grinding or for a jaw slimming effect.