I think it may make me look strange

The patients that I have treated with Botox just look more relaxed, they definitely do not look different or strange. The most common comment that they get after Botox treatment by me is  “you look well”.

The people you see that look strange have not had their appearance changed by Botox, they have had either very bad plastic surgery or unfortunately very bad fillers. By the way, fillers that have been done badly can be dissolved.


I am concerned what my partner, family or friends might say.

Well if you are that concerned then don’t tell them. We do all treatment in the strictest of confidence. Botox will make you look more refreshed but will not make a drastic change to your appearance.

The alternative of course is to tell anyone you want to and tell them that you are preventing your wrinkles from becoming permanent and making you look older in the future. Also, many patients are now having Botox to relieve tension headaches.


What happens on your first visit?

All my new patients receive a free detailed Facial Assessment to explain what Botox and fillers can and can’t do. I also make sure that they get the best result possible relative to the cost that suits their pocket.

If you decide to go ahead with treatment then, for all of my patients that I treat I place a small amount of numbing paste on each area that I administer the Botox to, this helps in two ways: firstly, the numbing paste reduces the sensitivity of the injections and secondly, this marks very precisely the location of each injection. All of this is recorded in your notes so that I get reproducible results in the future. I also use the finest needle on the market, actually called the Invisible Needle. This also helps to dramatically reduce the sensitivity of the injections. Furthermore, I use a special syringe which allows me to administer a very accurate dose of Botox. I do not know of any practitioners administering Botox in the Newbury area that go to this much trouble to make the treatment visit so comfortable.

For all new patients I like to review them 2 weeks later to make sure they are perfectly happy.

I would be delighted to see you for a free consultation.

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Dr Peter L. Lawson

BDS Dentistry (Wales)

FDS RCPS Dentistry (Glasgow)

M.Sc. Nutritional Medicine (Surrey University)

PG Dip. Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine (Manchester University)

Marnie L. Lawson 

Dip ION  Nutritional Therapy

NEBDN   Dental Nurse

Facial Aesthetic Nurse