This is an easy area to treat successfully providing it is done by an experienced practitioner.

Crow’s feet  are the lines that start at the corner of your eye and spread out in a fan like fashion, sometimes as far as your hairline and into the outer upper part of your cheeks. They are also known as laughter lines.

They are caused by the contraction of a muscle around your eye known as Orbicularis Oculi.

If you have Crow’s feet which are just noticeable on smiling or laughing then my advice is to accept these. This is because a slight amount of Crow’s feet activity on smiling looks natural. Do not get them treated.

However, with the use of Botox, the deeper fan like wrinkles which appear on smiling or laughing will dramatically improve even with just one visit. This will give you a less aged look.

So why do these wrinkles become permanent over time? This is mainly due to the constant action of the overactive Orbicularis Oculi muscle creasing the skin, also as you age your skin loses some elasticity, so the winkles become deeper and more noticeable, even on resting.

If your Crow’s feet  are present  on rest then treatment with Botox will soften but not immediately reduce these “permanent” lines. However, overtime on having regular Botox sessions (once every 4  to 6 months, depending on degree of individual muscular activity) they will definitely fade. This is because once the Orbicularis Oculi muscles are no longer producing these lines it gives them time to heal.


The skin around the eyes is very thin and for this reason fillers are not a good option for Crow’s feet, fillers can look unnatural in this area. Also, fillers are best avoided because Botox is such a safe and successful treatment for Crow’s feet.

I charge £150 to treat Crow’s feet and this includes Botox to one more area, normally either the frown lines between the eyebrows, or forehead lines.

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