Botox/Azzalure to Reduce  Gummy Smile

What is a Gummy smile?

There is no strict definition. However, generally speaking if, when you smile you show more than 4mm of gum then you are said to have a gummy smile. Does it matter? Well, there are 2 reasons why it might. Firstly, some people are conscientious about showing excessive gum when they smile. Secondly, if your lips do not normally touch at rest then the gums are constantly dry and this can cause gum long term problems. Most people that have a gummy smile do not see a gummy smile as something positive.

What causes a Gummy Smile?

The most common causes of a gummy smile are either a short upper lip, an overactive upper lip or combination of both.

Is there a treatment  for Gummy Smile?

Before Botox came along the standard treatment was to cut some of the gum away or move the whole of the upper jaw upwards, a serious and horrible operation.

Thank goodness Botox came along and now there is a simple and successful treatment. Botox/Azzalure can, if administered correctly considerably reduce a gummy smile. It is a safe and effective procedure.


There are 3 muscles that converge at the side angle of the nose, levator labi superioris alaeque nasi, Zygomaticus minor and levator labi superioris. It is these muscles that need to be relaxed using Botox/Azzalure to reduce a gummy smile.


Normally three small injections, one at base of the nose, the other two at either side of nose. The amount of Botox used will depend on how severe your gummy smile is. I have the experience to know the correct amount to give.

How long does it last?

Botox given anywhere on the body lasts between 4 to 6 months. How long it lasts depends mainly on the dose of Botox given and the degree of activity of the muscles treated. If you have the treatment a few times it often lasts longer as the size and strength of the treated overactive muscles starts to reduce.

Example of Gummy Smile which can be improved by Botox

HB showing her gummy Smile before treatment with Botox

HB has had her gummy smile reduced by using Botox. It is very important to still show some gum, if the lip is dropped so that no gum shows when she smiles then going from showing a lot of gum to showing no gum would look unnatural

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