I often get requests from my patients saying that they would like fuller lips, but in the next sentence they voice a number of concerns: they say that they are worried they may look unnatural, that it may hurt to have them done and that they are concerned about bruising.

Many people due to genetics have naturally thinner lips, on top of this as we age our lips shrink. Fillers, in the form of Hyaluronic Acid, which is naturally occurring in our bodies, can restore lost tissue volume and create natural looking fuller lips.

There are two types of requests I get from my patients who are considering getting their lips done:

  1. Patients who often want to “make a statement” and want unnaturally large lips

Most of the lip disasters that you see on social media fall into this category. Mainly because of the inexperience of the operator. However, a contributing factor is that if the lips are made excessively fuller in one session the tissues are so stretched by the filler that the tissues can die, bruise badly and the filler can become lumpy. If you are young and want fuller lips my advice is to go for a natural looking fuller lip and not overdo it, this is much safer.

Selfie taken by patient AC after I gave her 1ml of Kysse lip filler, no bruising and she reported the treatment was  simpler and more comfortable than she expected

  1. Patients who genetically have smaller lips or their lips have thinned out with age, or both. They just want fuller lips that look natural.

Most of the patients I treat just want fuller lips that look natural. This can easily be done with limited discomfort both during and after the procedure and with very little or no bruising.

Inexperienced practitioners often use a needle rather than a cannula. The use of a needle can mean up to ten skin punctures and as the lips have a great blood supply this inevitably is followed by bruising, soreness and lumps. Also, using only a needle is painful.

For many reasons the use of a cannula is considerably safer, but of course should be done by a practitioner such as myself who has experience with the use of cannulas.

Having fuller lips also decreases the wrinkling above the lips, sometimes know as smokers’ lines or barcodes and often makes the application of lipstick easier.

For patients who just want naturally looking fuller lips I strongly recommend having only 1 ml of filler for which I charge  £250.

Frontal view lips before

Frontal view lips before

Frontal view lips after treatment by Dr Lawson with Restylane Kysse filler

Frontal view lips after treatment by Dr Lawson with Restylane Kysse filler

The before picture is of Pauline Waller who originally had very thin lips and with age had become even thinner.

Photo provided by Pauline Waller after treatment using her own phone (hence difference in colours of the skin) showing her fuller lips.

Patient AC. Selfie taken by patient who wanted lip filler for her thin lips, before any work was done. Upper lip thinner than lower lip.

Patient AC. Picture taken after another “practitioner” had tried 3 times unsuccessfully to achieve a satisfactory result.

Patient AC. After 1 session with me, patient happy.  Selfie taken by patient. 1 ml of filler. Cost £250

This well-known celebrity is a good example of what not to do with lip fillers. Her lips have been over filled and the filler has travelled beyond her upper lip to give her a duck like appearance. This always happens when lips are overfilled.

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