Will Botox make me look strange? The short answer is no. Whereas bad surgery and bad fillers can make you look strange.

Botox, if given by a professional, does not under any circumstances make you look strange. The strange appearances of people that have had cosmetic work are due to either bad plastic surgery or bad fillers, they are never due to Botox. Botox will make you look more relaxed and refreshed, that is why it is so popular.

It should be remembered that Botox is not permanent, it normally lasts 5 to 6 months. The most common error made when administering Botox is for the practitioner to give it to close to the eyebrows, when treating the forehead muscles which raise the eyebrows. When this happens the eyebrows can drop leading to the feeling of heavy eyebrows. An experienced practitioner should know how to avoid this happening. The other problem that can arise is if Botox is give incorrectly causing the eyelid to drop (known as eyelid ptosis) again this is temporary. Of course an experienced practitioner should not allow this to happen.

Botox just relaxes your muscles, this means that for the  4 to 5 months after treatment, you will not be able to wrinkle your face as much as you could previously. The best areas for Botox are the Worry lines, Frown lines, Crow’s feet and Mentalis muscle in the chin. Botox is safe, in comparison fillers if given incorrectly can potentially cause problems. These include: poor aesthetic outcome, severe swelling, death of some of the skin tissue and even blindness, which is permanent. The bottom line is, even if Botox is given by an inexperienced person you are very unlikely to have long term problems, in contrast fillers given by an inexperienced person have caused long term permanent damage in a few cases. Choose your practitioner carefully.


Will Botox Make Me Look Strange?

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