Underarm sweating, medically known as hyperhidrosis, is very annoying for those people that suffer from it. I am not talking about people who sweat excessively underneath their arms when they exercise. There are some people that even when they are relaxed without exercising, sweat profusely underneath their arms (hyperhidrosis) and for them their hyperhidrosis is embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Botox/Azzalure when used correctly can considerably reduce the problem of underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Here are some details to help you decide whether it is worth you embarking on trying to reduce your underarm sweating problem (hyperhidrosis) with the use of Botox/ Azzalure.

Let us assume that you really have a problem with underarm sweating. There are other potential treatments, but Botox/ Azzalure has been shown to be a game changer as compared to other treatments. It works and it makes a difference.

There are some facts to take into consideration, and these are:

In general, you will get an 80% improvement not 100%. and 80% for most people is a very acceptable result.

You need to consider the cost, the research I have done shows that most clinics in the UK charge about around £500, if you consider that you may have to have this done initially 2 to 3 times a year this is not an insignificant amount of money.

My preference is to give 2 doses, that is one dose of Botox/ Azzalure into each armpit. The total cost is £295. For most people (but not all) one dose into each armpit, that is 2 doses altogether, gives them a good reduction in underarm sweating. The medical evidence is that over a period of time although the dose would stay the same the length of time between the appointments will increase.

There are some patients who will say 2 doses has not completely resolved their under arm sweating problem. So, the options are, either accept the situation or increase the dose and therefore increase the cost.

It is possible to get into another problem, this is known as compensatory sweating. The medical evidence shows, that if you block out the sweating completely from under your arms you may get compensatory sweating on either your forehead or your palms, which is not ideal (this rare but possible).

Taking all this into consideration my advice is to start with a relatively low dose (2 doses £295) and accept a small degree of sweating. This would normally be acceptable to most patients. However, if after 2 doses you still feel you are sweating excessively, then the dose can be increased, but so will the price.

I hope this information has helped you. I suggest that you make a 1 hour consultation appointment with us and if you are suitable for treatment then you will be offered treatment at same appointment. The consultation is free but of course you will pay for the treatment.

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