The muscle that lifts your eyebrows is the same muscle that causes wrinkling in the forehead. This muscle is called the frontalis muscle and covers the whole of your forehead. It is a wide thin muscle.

This is a very easy muscle to give Botox to as it is superficial and each injection only requires a low dose. However, because it is a wide muscle it requires a number of these injections, normally around 9. I do these very gently and the patients I treat do not find these injections uncomfortable.

However, it must be remembered that the function of the forehead muscle is to raise the eyebrows. So, here is a word of caution, if the person administering the Botox goes too close to the eyebrows then the eyebrows can drop or feel heavy. The way to stop this happening is to still leave some muscle activity just above the eyebrows by not putting any Botox close to the eyebrows. In other words, there is a compromise, once the Botox has started to work, you will have a smoother forehead but still some activity just above the eyebrows.

There is also the situation where the Botox is not given in relation to the individual persons muscularly activity and leaves a peak in the middle of the eyebrow when raised (known in the trade as the Spock effect), this looks unnatural. I know how to avoid this from happening.

It must be remembered that if you have forehead lines that are present when you are relaxed, Botox will not immediately improve these static wrinkles but will dramatically improve the wrinkles that appear on active movement. The lines on the forehead that are present even when you are not raising your eyebrows will improve overtime providing you have top ups when your Botox begins to wear off.

I charge £150 to treat these forehead lines and this includes Botox to one more area, normally either the frown lines between the eyebrows, or the crow’s feet.


The main reason for the appearance of forehead lines is the activity of the forehead muscle (Frontalis). However, as we age the bone in our skull shrinks, so as time goes by our forehead becomes less smooth and rounded and bumpier. This means wrinkles worsen and as the forehead is no longer smooth the light does not bounce off the forehead evenly, instead shadows appear and this result in and aged look.

The good news is that with the correct use of the best quality filler your forehead can be smoothed resulting in a younger look. However, Botox should always be your first port of call for unwanted forehead wrinkles.

Before Azzalure treatment to reduce wrinkling on raising eyebrows

Before Botox treatment to reduce wrinkling on raising eyebrows

Selfie taken by patient after Azzalure treatment

Selfie taken by patient after Botox treatment

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