What does Botox do to your face?  This can be answered by looking at both the short term and the longer term.
Short term
When given into the correct muscle at at the correct dose, Botox reduces the activity of that muscle for up to 6 months. In practice this means that a facial muscle that was causing the skin to wrinkle will no longer be capable of doing that, so your face will look smoother and you will look more relaxed. Botox particularly works well on Forehead lines (Frontalis muscle), Crows feet (orbicularis Oculi muscle), Frown lines (Corrugator muscles) and the mentalis muscle of the chin.
So, in the short term it will with 3 to 10 days of being administered cause the muscle into which the Botox has been given to become relaxed in other words it cannot significantly contract. This means that assuming you had noticeable muscular activity before ie when you smiled you had wrinkles that appeared at the corner of your eyes, or when you frowned a deep groove or grooves appeared between you eyebrows then these should soften by about 80% to 90% for 4 to 6 months. This is a short term excellent result.
Long term
Botox also has  longer term positive effects. Assuming that you decide to have regular Botox sessions, say, 3 times a year, then as you cannot any longer crinkle your skin it means that your wrinkles as you age will not become permanent. In other words regular Botox treatments are the most potent way that exists today of preventing wrinkles appearing and slowing the facial ageing process.
The good news is that there are other longer term benefits. Now, let’s say that you start having Botox at the age of 40+ for the first time. By then you would probably have some permanent facial wrinkles. By that I mean wrinkles that are always there, even when your facial muscles are not active. These permanent wrinkles will heal over time when you are regularly having Botox due to the fact that your skin is no longer being  creased up .
Botox, if given by a professional, does not under any circumstances make you look strange. The strange appearances of people that have had cosmetic work are due to either bad plastic surgery or bad dermal fillers, they are never due to Botox. Please do not confuse Botox with dermal fillers. Botox relaxes muscles, dermal fillers can plump out your face and lips.
What does Botox do to your face?

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