A common request I get is from patients who would like fuller lips. I always ask them the following question; do you want to make a statement with your lips? Or do you just want natural looking fuller lips?

I see a number of patients who have been referred to me because they were unhappy with their previous lip fillers or because they said it really hurt or were bruised badly. So, let me address these three points.

The lips are a very sensitive area, so it greatly surprises me that most practitioners use only numbing cream on the lips. This will of course only partially numb the lips. Also, it seems that there are still a number of practitioners using needles in order to plump up the lips with lip filler, this often means having your lips punctured in up to 12 different places, this commonly results in bruising. Also only using a needle is painful.

The alternative way, and in my opinion a much safer, more comfortable and more accurate way is to use a cannula. Using a cannula for lip fillers involves the following process:

  • Place some numbing cream around the lips
  • Numb up the lips with some small numbing injections (if this is not done it is always painful to have your lips filled)
  • After making 2 small entry points at either corner of the numb lips, a blunt cannula is inserted into the superficial layer of the lips. The blunt cannula does not cut the tissues and slides just under the skin of the lips, it slides very easily and painlessly
  • The lip filler is then carefully placed into the preselected area of the lips
  • Continually get feedback by showing the patient her/his lips during the treatment
  • When patient is happy then very gentle massage to check the lip filler is very smooth and even.

I normally use Restylane Kysse as this lip filler is specifically designed for lips.

For patients who just want naturally looking fuller lips I strongly recommend having only 1 ml of filler for which I charge £295.

Frontal view lips before

Frontal view lips before

Frontal view lips after treatment by Dr Lawson with Restylane Kysse filler

Frontal view lips after treatment by Dr Lawson with Restylane Kysse filler

The before picture is of Pauline Waller who originally had very thin lips and with age had become even thinner.

Photo provided by Pauline Waller after treatment using her own phone (hence difference in colours of the skin) showing her fuller lips.

Patient AC. Selfie taken by patient who wanted lip filler for her thin lips, before any work was done. Upper lip thinner than lower lip.

Patient AC. Picture taken after another “practitioner” had tried 3 times unsuccessfully to achieve a satisfactory result.

Patient AC. After 1 session with me, patient happy.  Selfie taken by patient. 1 ml of filler. Cost £295

This well-known celebrity is a good example of what not to do with lip fillers. Her lips have been over filled and the filler has travelled beyond her upper lip to give her a duck like appearance. This always happens when lips are overfilled.

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